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Jan 05 2022

January Classes For Patricia Reno Huff Gallery

By Pat Huff for The Island Connection

Barbara Swaja participates in a painting class at Patricia Reno Huff Gallery & Art Center at Freshfield Village.

Painting Classes at Patricia Reno Huff Gallery & Art Center at Freshfield Village for Winter 2022 will begin on Tuesday, Jan. 11, Wednesday, Jan. 12, and Thursday, Jan. 13 and will meet from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.on each day. Tuesday class will be “Deconstructing Composition Oil Class;” Advanced Class on Wednesday class will focus on “Discovering New Subjects;” Thursday Class will “Develop Brushstroke Technique” by using different artists own brushwork and trying them on different substrate then trying them on our own subject paintings. All classes are taught by Pat Huff and are held at the Gallery on the second floor located above La Tela Restaurant with access by elevator or stairs. Good easels are provided in class so students do not need to bring their own. The Tuesday class is for those students who are still on the learning curve to understanding basic principles of oil painting. Understanding Composition Principles is basic to producing your own painting vision that has strength and focus and allows the artist to engage their audience. We will use Still Life and reference photos the student chooses as well as reference photos supplied. Wednesday’s Advanced Oil Painting will focus on expanding the student’s repertoire of subjects painted. Many artists never try to paint outside of their comfort zone of types of painting subjects. This is your chance to branch out and feel confident when you tackle a new type of painting. 

Classes will work from their own photo references and references supplied. Mastering brushstrokes is a major aspect of how paintings look. Practicing different brushstrokes and using different brushes allows the student to better achieve the look they want in their paintings. Just using a tiny brush is not conducive to mastering loose and flowing artwork and stymies growth in our art journey. Using Master Artist paintings and small practice paintings of those works, then using the same in our own painting is a huge step in breaking out of our small brush, little stroke mentality. Also, we will practice these small exercises on different surfaces which also broadens our knowledge and ability to achieve our art objectives. This process also helps students to feel more confidence in trying large size paintings. Pat’s teaching style includes hearing, seeing, and doing to reinforce the objective of giving growing artists a good background and, also to encourage their own individual style. In class demos, as well as powerpoint presentations to give students information, and painting time in class are all part of the class schedule. 

For more information visit or partriciarhuff. com. To register, please contact Pat Huff at and list CLASSES in the subject line or call 404-245-5766.

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