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Nov 20 2020

It’s Time To Get Festive

By Jennifer Massey for The Island Connection

Wow! I can’t believe the holidays are just around the corner.

We are looking forward to decorating for the holidays, even if the celebrations will be intimate family gatherings. From nostalgic trends to glitz and glamour, here are a few holiday style tips to spruce up your home.

Turn up the Christmas music – it’s time to get festive!

1. The Pantone color for 2020 is Classic Blue, which has had a significant influence on the home décor industry. We’ve seen it in furniture, accessories, paint and now Christmas décor. Navy pairs beautifully with so many colors, including white, silver, gold, platinum, champaign, blush or red. Consider bringing navy into your holiday décor.

2. Platinum has become the new neutral of choice and lends an air of elegance. Platinum accents can pair with any color for a glamorous tree. Use it in ribbons, ornaments and sprays. 

3. Make sure to bring the green inside. Greenery is a great accent indoors and out. The mantel and dining table are great places to incorporate fresh greenery, and it smells wonderful. Magnolia leaves and eucalyptus are good alternatives to evergreen, and they also look great if you mix them all together, providing a variation of texture and color.

4. Spark joy by using nostalgic décor. Bring out some of your annual favorites and family keepsakes. With many of us not being able to enjoy the holidays with family, decorate with what brings you the most joy, whether that’s your childhood ornaments, time-honored family décor or your grandmother’s ceramic trees – which are making a big comeback this year.

5. Lights, lights and more lights. Make sure to layer on the lights and have at least 100 lights per foot of tree. And here’s the biggest Christmas tree light secret – hang your lights vertically. Start at the top of the tree and hang them in an “S” pattern down to the bottom of the tree. When you reach the bottom, start working your way up. Not only does this light up your tree beautifully but also is helpful when removing the lights. There’s nothing better than the ambience of a beautifully lit Christmas tree.

I hope these simple tips bring a bit of inspiration. Cheers to a wonderful holiday season.

Jennifer Massey is the manager and lead designer at Seawah Furniture and Design. She can be reached at 843-212-5110 or

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