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Aug 21 2009

Island Police Reports

policeblottericonThe following police reports were provided by the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office:

June 21, 2009: (Kiawah) On this date, the complainant called 911 in reference to being aboard a vessel whose captain was intoxicated. The captain was unable to navigate the vessel back to the boat landing that they had launched from. The complainant also advised that they did not have enough life jackets aboard the vessel and that she was in fear for her and the other occupants’ safety. The complainant advised that she was not from Charleston and did not know where she was. The officer and a deputy responded to the area in an attempt to locate the vessel. The USCG was advised of the incident and also responded to assist in locating the vessel. The Sheriff’s office dispatchers provided the GPS coordinates to the USCG and they determined that the vessel was offshore the coast of Kiawah Island. Both the USCG and the officer arrived in the area and attempted to locate the vessel. When the search vessels arrived in the area, the officer had headquarters call the complainant back and get an updated location. The complainant advised that all parties were back on land and everyone was safe. The officer returned to the Marine Center and as he was finishing, he heard a call being dispatched to a residence on James Island for a domestic involving the same parties involved in the Marine Patrol call out. The officer responded to that location and obtained information on the incident.

July 13, 2009: (Seabrook) The victim called the officer to report a theft. The victim states that between May 1 and July 12, 2009, he kept an inflatable boat in a common storage area on Seabrook. This area is sometimes locked and sometimes not. During this same time, an unknown subject took the boat. The victim does not know the boat’s hull number or serial number and it did not have an S.C. boat registration.

July 17, 2009: (Kiawah) The officer met with the complainant at the Sanctuary Hotel security office about the victim coming into their office and giving them a note that had been left at her rental. The victim advised that she returned to her rental and discovered the note on her door stated that her property had been thrown into the dumpster. The note used the term “nigga” twice on it and is signed off by the “Kiawah Rough Riders”. The officer wasn’t able to speak with the victim as she has already gone back home to the United Kingdom, but she reportedly is a white female (it is unknown if anyone she was with is of another race). The officer asked the front gate and officers from the Town Hall if they had heard anything else about the incident or “Rough Riders”; they all stated “no”. No damage to the victim’s property was reported. The note was turned in to headquarters as evidence.

July 20, 2009: (Kiawah River Estates/Hope Plantation) An officer responded to a home on Jamestowne Street in reference to harassing phone calls. Upon arrival, the officer made contact with the complainant/victim, who advised the officer that his brother, the subject, called his phone several times and threatened to harm him. The subject also attempted to blackmail the complainant for $50,000 to stop him from speaking about an extra marital affair involving the complainant, as well as threatening to advise the Kiawah and Seabrook governments that the complainant was stealing funds through his business on Johns Island. The compliant stated that the threats and harassment are a result of a failed business relationship. While at the residence, the subject called the complainant’s phone and the officer answered it. The officer spoke with the subject and advised him not to contact his brother any more. The subject advised that he would comply and the complainant asked to have the incident documented.

July 21, 2009: (Kiawah) The officer met with the complainant and all victims at the incident location in reference to a burglary and grand larceny. The incident occurred at a property on Rhett’s Bluff which is under construction and is not occupied. The complainant stated that the residence was locked and secure when the last person left. The complainant stated that when everyone arrived at the residence on this date, they noticed items missing. The first victim had a blue Graco paint sprayer and two sets of black ladder boots taken. The second victim had a yellow and black Dewalt drill, metal hand held tile cutter and two green Makita jam saws taken. The third vicitim had a black and yellow Dewalk battery and Dewalt battery charger taken. It is unknown how the subject entered the residence as there was no sign of forced entry.

July 26, 2009: (Kiawah) The victim was resting on a couch inside his residence due to a previous injury ot his foot when he heard a noise at the glass door leading to the rear pool area of his property. When he got up, he saw two suspects, but was unsure as to whether or not they had attempted to open the door. When he approached the door, the suspects left to the right side of the residence. The victim attempted to follow them and noticed two more suspects to the side of his residence. All four suspects had left toward the boardwalk. The victim can only state that they were three males and one female, and all were wearing bathing suits. There was no description as to the color or style of clothing. A patrol of the area resulted in no contact of possible suspects.

July 26, 2009: (Seabrook) At 9:58pm, the officer arrived on Seabrook Island for an off-duty security detail at the Seabrook Island Beach Club. A domestic disturbance was called in at Captain Sams Court. Dispatch advised that the female caller appeared to be extremely intoxicated and that she advised that the male subject had left the residence. The officer advised dispatch that he had just arrived on the island and would be en route to the call. When the officer arrived, he located the complainant inside her residence. The subject was unsteady on her feet, had extremely slurred speech and was not able to coherently recount why she had called 911. The subject did state that she and her husband had an argument, and the culmination of this argument was a discussing about getting a divorce. The subject then stated that her husband became frustrated and left the residence. She stated that there had been no physical contact between her and her husband. Seabrook Island security officers arrived on scene and stood by as the officer gathered information from the subject. The officer cleared the residence and returned to off-duty security detail.

July 27, 2009: (Kiawah) A victim called the officer on duty in reference to harassing phone calls. The victim stated that she received a phone call from a male stating he was calling from the IRS. The victim stated that she hung up on him. The victim then received approximately 13 more calls from the same number, but the caller just breathed into the phone. Nothing further to report.

July 28, 2009: (Kiawah) At or around 11:25am, an officer responded to the Sanctuary Hotel where he made contact with the complainant, who advised the officer that the outside bar near the pool was missing an unknown amount of beer. The complainant further advised that between 8pm the previous night and 11:08 that morning, an unknown subject gained entry into the cooler behind the outside bar and took approximately $500 worth of canned and bottled beer. There was no forced entry to the cooler. All areas of the bar are secured by a master lock during off hours and employees are given the keys to the locks as they work. The officer observed a wash rag covering a security camera. The complainant advised that the camera did not actually work and stated that the employees sign out for the keys. The complainant felt that unknown subjects from the overnight cleaning crew could be responsible for the theft. The locks were touched by multiple parties and no other evidence was gathered. The beers were described as Miller Lite, Budweiser, Corona, Heineken, Amstel, Palmetto and Coors Light.

August 2, 2009: (Kiawah) An officer arrived on Amaranth Road and observed the mailbox had been struck by an object (possible red baseball bat) at least two times. The victim began to inspect the rest of the home and noticed damage to a door window in the bedroom, located in the back of the residence. The glass of an outside panel was shattered. The cause of the damage appeared to be a rock or a bb gun shot. The victim was advised of other mail boxes in the area being destroyed with the same motive. She is unsure if the damage of the window is related to the mail box. She states that the residence was vacant for two weeks.

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