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Nov 05 2015

How To Get Secure Wi-Fi Anywhere

By Bob Hooper for The Island Connection


As we all know the fall is upon us and the season of parties and holidays is here! I want to say that when shopping online or using the cell in other cities lets be a bit careful with what you do.

There are a lot of good new products out that can help with going to hotels, friend’s houses, even places that offer “free Wi-Fi”.

A simple device called a Wireless Travel Router can make your data safe and your travels easier. An example is the HooToo TripMate Nano WTR (wireless travel router), which can be found online at places like Amazon. Just go to your favorite shopping website and type in “wireless travel router” and you will get many choices, the Hootoo is $19.99 at Amazon and although very small it packs a punch. It not only allows you to create your own wireless signal with your own name and password, you can also use it to charge phones, share movies, extend a wired network. The little device has “big” brothers that do include hard drives and stronger signals but for the size the Nano is a great device.

The best part of these type of products though is the ability to create a private network from a public Wi-Fi network.

So, let’s say you go to McDonalds to grab some breakfast or to Starbucks for some coffee and want to use the free Wi-Fi but don’t like the idea of other people being able to access your data. It is a problem nationwide and not only can you be hacked but a piece of malware (virus) can be installed on your laptop/phone without you knowing it and do damage at a later time. But with your handy Nano you can setup a private wireless network going to the Internet through the public one.

Yep, you just bypassed that hacker and made the chump wanting your bank info look elsewhere… and if you have friends or family with you, you can let them use your secure Wi-Fi too. Also, if you go to a hotel that will only authorize one device at a time and will require a separate fee for each device again it’s Nano to the rescue.

You can attach Nano to one laptop, then extend the “wired” signal on the laptop through the Nano as a wireless signal and allow other devices to connect. Nano again is just one example of many WTRs, I just happen to like the small size and easy setup.

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