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Apr 29 2011

How do you recycle your newspaper?

How do you recycle your newspaper?

For every ton of paper that is recycled, 17 trees live. According to, newspaper can be recycled five to seven times, but each time it is recycled, its fibers become shortened. Eventually, they become too short to make good paper. What are you going to do with this paper once you’re done reading it? Instead of tossing it in the trash or pitching it in the recycling bin, here are a handful of other options for reusing your news:

  • Use to line bird cages and the cages of small animals.
  • Take it to your local seafood store so they can use it to wrap shrimp on ice.
  • Use as paper mache for art projects: all you need to do is mix a little water with some flour until it reaches the consistency of paste. Add long strips of newspaper and gently wipe off the extra paste mix before placing it on the object to be paper mached. Let dry before adding a second layer.
  • Use in your garden before putting down mulch, or even as mulch. Layer the area around your seedlings with paper before adding mulch to the top as added protection against weeds. To use as mulch, mix strips of paper with a little water and lay down in thick layers around seedlings. It may not be the prettiest mulch, but it really works!
  • Use to block weeds from growing between pavers. Simply lay paper underneath the pavers before putting them down.
  • Cut out colorful pictures from the paper in different shapes and use them to make your own, personalized “thank you” cards.
  • Use to cushion objects when shipping/packing.
  • Use as a creative way to wrap presents.
  • Use it to make cat litter. According to the website, PlanetGreen,com, simply take paper that’s been run through a paper shredder and soak in warm water with a little bit of biodegrable dish soap. Drain the water out using an old colander and soak in warm water again, but this time without soap. Sprinkle baking soda generously on the wet paper and, after putting on some kitchen gloves, kneed the soda into the paper. Squeeze the remaining moisture out as much as possible and crumble the paper over a screen, allowing it to dry for a few days. Once dry, put an inch or two of the crumbles in your kitty’s litter box and change once a week. According to Pets for the Environment, it only takes 30 to 45 minutes to make a two- to three- week supply of litter.
  • Use it to keep the shape of soft-sided items such as boots, handbags or luggage when not in use.
  • A mixture of one part water and one part vinegar also makes a great, all natural glass cleaner. Use newspaper to wipe it away for a perfect, no-streak shine.
  • Stick in smelly shoes or boots to remove odors.
  • Make your own firelogs by rolling sheets of newspaper tightly and securing the bundle with kitchen string.
  • Use to line the shelves in your pantry, especially beneath bug-prone items such as potatoes and onions.

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