Jan 22 2015

Hi, I’m Rent A Bob

By Bob Hooper for Island Connection

I am starting my fifth year writing this column and thought I would give you a bit of information about me. I am the owner of Rent A Bob Computers, LLC and do work on Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island, Kiawah and Seabrook. My office is located on IOP; I do “house calls” throughout the islands, am on Kiawah/Seabrook every Tuesday and sometimes Fridays.

I hold certifications in A+, Network+ and Security+. These are basic and advanced courses that I took years ago and now teach, along with teaching classes for users. If you have a group that would like to schedule a class, limited to 10, please call me.

Normal hours are Monday to Friday 7 a.m. till 4 p.m. but after hours appointment are available. Weekend “emergency” hours are by appointment as well and are dependent on my availability.

The best way to reach me is my business cell number at 843.822.7794 or emailing me at I can fix software problems, repair hardware problems, buy new equipment and setup in-home or office. We can transfer all existing data to new equipment, recover “lost” data and wipe hard drives for recycling. I have lots of parts for older equipment that may be hard to find but do suggest investing in newer equipment if possible. As I have stated several times be very wary of online based (cloud) back-up companies.

Many have great track records and do provide encryption of your data they have stored… yet large companies like Sony have had their backups compromised. The best way to secure your data is locally on an external hard drive.

We can setup the back-up for you, give advice on cloud based back-ups if needed and make your data more secure. As the New Year is upon us I am ready to answer your questions, either through this column or by appointment.

Whether you are a home-owner, rent or have a business I can help with networking, extending your wireless signal throughout the home or business and making sure all computers, tablets and cell phones are connecting correctly. We setup printers, suggest the best printer for your application, etc.

Finally just like the real flu hitting our Lowcountry hard, the bad guys are trying their best to “infect” your computers. Don’t open an unwanted email or one that has no subject/just a link in the body of the email. Microsoft, Yahoo, AT&T etc. will never call you to tell you your computer is infected, it is a straight out scam. If you are not sure, call or email me and I will be glad to help.

As with all of my columns if you want help or have questions don’t hesitate to call Rent A Bob at 843.822.7794 or email at

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