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Sep 17 2010

Forward thinking on Johns Island’s roads

DSC02688By Sam Reed

The Kiawah and Seabrook Roads Committees continue to meet with government officials about the sorry safety conditions of the only means of ingress and egress to the islands.

Accidents and deaths continue on a regular basis. Trees hugging the pavement are commonplace. There is no place to escape if an unexpected animal or oncoming vehicle impedes your lane of traffic. Our beautiful canopied roads should be preserved, but a safer by-way is essential.

The professional study by the LPA Group (which was generally rejected by most of County Council), done at a cost of approximately a quarter of a million dollars, pointed out that when I-526 ( the Mark Clark) is completed, the clear logical choice for this area is a new greenway across the center of Johns Island. Sooner or later, this will occur. Can we neglect to plan for this and the sure-fire anticipated growth and development on Johns Island?

There is a misconception that any new road is for “the elite at Kiawah and Seabrook.” This is someone’s way of trying to stop the inevitable. Even today’s travelers to the Freshfields area are residents of other parts of Charleston County and beyond. The county officials need to place serious safety issues at the top of their priority lists.

The Committees intend to continue to keep this matter in front of decision makers until safety issues are adequately addressed.

There is no turning back now.

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