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Nov 22 2016

Fake Microsoft Calls Return

By Bob Hooper for The Island Connection

Yep, those dang “people” from some far off place are once again calling or sending emails or doing what is called a “page spoof.” You get that call from “John” at Microsoft, he says that your computer is infected and they need to repair it.

Sounds like Microsoft is on top of things and is going to fix your problems (wait, did I have any problems?) right now.

Then “John” asks you to go to a website and put in code he gives you, next thing you know he’s on your computer and “fixing” things. Wonderful, in fact he shows you where you have 628 viruses, botnets running the background and all sorts of nasty stuff… You say get that stuff off my computer.

John” says well of course we will, just let me get over to “Tech” department and they will begin the removal of all this stuff… But first I need you to go to CVS/Walgreens/Walmart and buy a “green dot card” (or something similar) in the amount of $400 to cover the cost of removal. You tell them that’s steep and that you have to think about it. “John” says well they have locked your computer so that it cannot infect any others and the $400 will unlock it and allow them to “fix” it. Now what do you do?

What “John” wants you to do is buy a card that has $400, call them back and give the code from the card. They can remove the cash that is part of that card and there is no way for you to get it back, unlike a credit card where you could dispute the charge later. Once they have the money, the may “fix” your computer or they may tell you that it’s worse than they first thought and you will need to buy another card for some other amount, usually higher than before.

It’s all a scam, they are not from Microsoft, they have infected your computer and changed your password (or put one on) and have basically locked you out. They are bad people wanting as much money as they can get from you. As bad the Nigerian prince that wants to “give” you millions but needs just a small pittance to get the money out of the country… Don’t fall for it.

No one is going to call from Microsoft, send an email, take over a webpage and have it flash red blaring that you must call Microsoft because your computer is infected. ALL are lies and all they want is money.

If you have elderly friends/ parents please tell them about this, I had a “young” person about 75ish that was just taken for $400, and the fixed computer was “broken” again about two weeks later. The same people (yes they called back) said it was worse and needed $490 this time, thankfully my friend called me instead. The dang people had locked my friend out again from the computer, demanded the money and were calling harassing to send the money now. I was able to recover his data but had to re-install Windows 10 because it was so messed up. Please don’t let this happen.

Some estimates are in the hundreds of millions that these idiots are draining from our senior citizens (and young ones as well), let’s stop it.

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