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Jun 26 2009

Exchangites say “mahalo*”

Jim Tilson and Alan Armstrong

Jim Tilson and Alan Armstrong

Someone must have made a deal with “the man at the top”, because after eight solid days of afternoon thunderstorms, the early evening of June 17 kicked off with barely a cloud in the sky. After celebrating the grand opening of the new Seabrook Beach Club only a few weeks before, Kiawah-Seabrook Exchange Club members felt it would only be appropriate to celebrate the Club’s inaugural private event with a Hawaiian luau theme. Chef Randy McDonald of the Pelican’s Nest, a casual restaurant located on the ocean side of the Club, pulled out all the stops with a pacific-rim spread of honey barbeque chicken breast, grilled veggies, pulled pork, fresh salad, honey-cinnamon butter on Hawaiian rolls and a bowl of warm coconut rice pudding with fresh fruit toppings.
Exchange Club members got into the mood with a rainbow array of Hawaiian shirts, hibiscus print wraps, grass skirts and colorful lays. Even the band celebrated the tropical mood with steel drum solos and classic island songs.
Although no business was conducted at the party, Exchange president Jim Tilson took a moment at the mike to thank Alan and Marilyn Armstrong for chairing and hosting the event, and Michelle Pitney for helping to arrange everything. Alan Armstrong also pointed out that the flowers at the center of each table were Asiatic lilies and whoever had a yellow post-it under their chair would get to take it home.
Before returning everyone to the festivities, Chuck Fox of the Seabrook Island Club thanked everyone for attending and re-asserted that he was incredibly glad that the party had not been scheduled for the night before, when a sudden storm burst took out several dozen trees across the islands.
Please note: The July 1 meeting of the Kiawah-Seabrook Exchange Club has been cancelled and credit for the cancelled meeting will be handled in October.
*Mahalo is Hawaiian for “thanks”.

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