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Oct 31 2009

Dr. Jean visits Mt. Zion

Dr. Jean and students from Mt. Zion. PHOTO BY: Principal Deborah Fordham

Dr. Jean and students from Mt. Zion. PHOTO BY: Principal Deborah Fordham

By Sue Holloman

The cafeteria at Mt Zion School was full of excitement as a large group of four, five and six year olds tried to contain themselves as they waited for a visit from Dr. Jean. They had listened to her CDs, sung along with her Silly Songs, learned how to Kiss Their Brains and now they were going to see her and sing along with Dr. Jean!

Dr. Jean Feldman is a resident of Seabrook Island when she isn’t traveling nationally, putting on workshops for teachers of young children and providing children with sing-a-long concerts of her music. Her focus is on helping children improve their self esteem and learn at the same time; and the children love her music.

When Dr. Jean arrived in the school cafeteria, a sea of red shirts (the school uniform) began bouncing up and down in their chairs with joy. Jean immediately got the children involved with her music and it was nonstop for the next 45 minutes. The children were thoroughly engaged the entire time; singing, using hand motions and moving to the music. The children were ready to keep going, but the adults in the audience who were following along with Jean were exhausted trying to keep up with her. Everyone, adults and children, had fun.

Dr. Jean Feldman has been involved in education for over 35 years, teaching both children and adults. She earned her Ph.D. from Georgia State University and is well known on the national scene as an educator of young children. Her CDs are very familiar to teachers of young children and they are used in many kindergartens in the country. Jean offered to provide a concert for the children at Mt. Zion at no cost to the school. Mt. Zion is the neighborhood school for Seabrook and Kiawah and her offer was greeted with great joy by the teachers at the school, who quickly made arrangements to take advantage of her generosity.

The children at Mt. Zion are fortunate to have a wonderful “neighbor” like Jean who was willing to come to the school and provide such an educational and enjoyable program for them. Those who live on Kiawah and Seabrook are fortunate to have caring adults among them who are willing to provide extra opportunities for the children.

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