Nov 04 2015

Correction: Ronald Ciancio, Candidate For Seabrook Mayor


Due to technical errors, parts of Ronald Ciancio’s biography were outdated and some elements of his candidate’s statement were missing in the Oct. 23, 2015 edition of The Island Connection. Printed below is Ciancio’s full biography and candidate’s statement. The election for Seabrook Island Mayor was held Tuesday, Nov. 3, following the press time of this edition.

Ronald Ciancio

Ronald Ciancio

I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame and my law degree and MBA from Northwestern University. I practiced law for forty years, and retired from GATX Corporation, a publicly held transportation leasing company headquartered in Chicago, as Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary. While in private practice, I represented the City of Wheaton, Illinois as its city attorney.

My wife Sue and I have been married for over fifty years. We have two children and two grandchildren, all of whom live in South Carolina.

Since moving to Seabrook Island nine years ago, I have been fortunate to have had a number of opportunities both to serve our community and to obtain the experience and background necessary to discharge adequately the responsibilities of mayor. In that regard, I have been:

Elected twice to the town council, and currently serve as mayor pro tem. Over the past two years in Mayor Ahearn’s several absences, I have served as acting mayor, and have had “hands on” experience with the position.

Elected to the POA board of directors, served on its executive committee and chaired its legal committee.

A member of the Green Space Conservancy board of directors, and elected as its president.

A member of the Sea Island Habitat for Humanity board of directors, and twice elected as its president.

Chair of the Town’s Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Celebration.

I have identified a number of priorities that I would pursue as mayor. As a Town, we must:

Prioritize emergency preparedness – this is an essential Town function as it will be our community’s interface with federal, state and county emergency service providers. The recent flooding, road damage and traffic disruption we have experienced over the past few weeks have underscored the importance of this effort.

Make every effort to have the Town’s voice reflect its economic contribution to the county and state with respect to issues important to our community such as the safety and condition of Main, Bohicket and River Roads and the flooding at Main and 17. I have met, and know on a personal basis, many of the state congressional legislators who will have a voice on these issues.

Leverage cooperation between the Town, Club and POA in areas of common interest such as advertising and public relations, in order to make our collective effort and contribution to our community more effective.

Address the condition of drainage and landscaping on either side of Seabrook Island Road from the circle to the gate. After it rains, the area is a quagmire. People drive over it, and it looks terrible. That area is the first impression visitors and potential home buyers have of our island – we must improve its “curb appeal”.

Address the flooding issue at the intersection of Seabrook Island Road and the Bohicket Marina.

Take greater advantage of the talent and volunteer spirit of our residents.

If elected, these and all other issues with which the Town is presented will be considered in a thoughtful and transparent manner. I will make every effort to have the Town focus on its core responsibilities and provide quality service to our residents.

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