Jul 08 2019

Coastal Expeditions Adds New Launch Point At Kiawah River

Staff Report for The Island Connection


Local tour operator Coastal Expeditions announced its first tour to operate out of Kiawah River, a new waterfront community under development on Johns Island.

On June 22, participants on the Kiawah River: Baby Birds & Brilliant Beach tour explored salt marsh creeks, ocean tributaries and the abundance of natural wildlife along the Kiawah River. Accompanied by Chris Crolley, Captain and CEO of Coastal Expeditions, participants identified local bird species and sanctuaries, and searched for pods of bottlenose dolphins along the way.

The four-hour tour is the first of many, as Coastal Expeditions last year announced its partnership with Kiawah River. The partnership includes the addition of a Coastal Expeditions outfitter location at Kiawah River for solo and group tours. The outfitter is expected to open summer 2020.

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