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Oct 31 2009

Cleaning for a Reason

cleaning for a reason logoFor women undergoing cancer treatment, there are suddenly hundreds of little day-to-day activities which, after attending chemotherapy treatments, become incredibly difficult to handle. One of these is simply keeping their house in order.

In response to this need, Deborah Sardone, a 26 year veteran of the residential cleaning industry, began Cleaning for a Reason. Through this program, women undergoing cancer treatment receive free professional house cleaning services once a month over a four month period. Started only three years ago in Lewisville, Texas, Cleaning for a Reason has expanded to more than 550 partners offering free cleaning services to women throughout the United States and Canada. Its partners have donated more than $350,000 worth of cleaning services to more than 1,500 women with cancer nationwide.

In the Johns, Wadmalaw, Kiawah and Seabrook Islands area, Gamble Home Services is proud to be a member of this exceptional, charitable cause.

“I recently attended a breakfast meeting in Chicago for women who are undergoing cancer treatment and receiving help from Cleaning for a Reason,” said Mark Frisch, Vice President of Gamble Home Services. “One woman testified about how she didn’t have anyone to help her at home and her house was a mess. And after undergoing chemo, she didn’t have the strength to do anything about it. She was physically and emotionally a wreck. So when Cleaning for a Reason offered to have a cleaning service come to her home and clean it once a month for four months for free, she almost cried. It was great, she said, to have someone come in and take the burden of cleaning off of her shoulders.”

Frisch, whose father-in-law recently passed away from cancer, understands the needs of cancer patients and has made it the goal of Gamble Home Services to provide Cleaning for a Reason services when needed. “It’s not something we’re just doing for a season,” said Frisch. “This is an ongoing service. We’re very passionate about it and want to do what we can to help.”

Cleaning for a Reason is the only 501c3 non-profit corporation in America providing free professional house cleaning services to women. Here is how it works: Each client patient receives four free cleanings spaced out once a month for four months. To register for this program, the only requirement is that the patient contact the Cleaning for a Reason organization at (877) 337-3348, or visit their website,, and provide a medical notice that they are undergoing treatment.

If you know a woman who is in need of help during this difficult season of her life, or if you are in need, please visit or call their toll free number for more information. You can also e-mail Mark Frisch at, call 768-9923, or visit for a link to the Cleaning for a Reason website.

During the month of November, Gamble Home will donate 5% of all of their cleaning revenue to Cleaning for a Reason. As with any non-profit organization, this foundation needs help in order to service as many women as possible. Each cleaning company involved with Cleaning for a Reason provides time and money to help fund the operations. You can offer your support by providing a donation to Cleaning for a Reason, which will help the foundation market to and recruit other cleaning companies throughout the country to provide this wonderful service to women in need.

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