Dec 12 2014

The Christmas Season Is Upon Us

By Bob Hooper for The Island Connection 

They are all out to get you this Christmas season with lots of new and recycled tricks.

I have received several phones calls in the past few days that have told me that my computer was infected, that I just won a new computer or that they could “see” my computer online and I was being infected right now. As you can guess all are fake and are trying to get you to either give up information or allow them access to your computer. Don’t do either.

Remember the old adage “If it seems too good to be true, it is?” Well on the Internet, if someone says they are going to “fix” your computer for FREE or $49 that is something too good to be true. Chances are the “fix” is going to include some unwanted programs or infect you with malware. Never allow anyone to access your computer unless you know the source is a trusted one, such as using a trusted local IT person. The holidays are a time we sometimes let our guard down, especially when enjoying time with family and friends. The scammers and spammers know this and take advantage of it. Don’t believe calls to your home about computer problems, emails from your bank wanting to update your account information or anything that seems too good to be true.

Even though Black Friday’s gone, you will still see great buys for electronics but do check out what’s “under the hood,” not all computers are created equal.

Sometimes the cheap deal is really, really cheap and will barely do the job—tablets that are $49 or $69 for example.

They will barely do anything and will disappoint rather than excite so pay a bit more and get something that will work.

Sometimes the cheap laptop will do the trick for the typical user that just checks email, does a bit of word processing and plays a few games, but be careful when getting that “deal.”

As this year comes to a close, I am so thankful for the opportunity to provide you with tips and tricks, to help with problems and explain how the dang thing works. This is my 100th column for this newspaper, and I hope to able to do another 100 more, answering your questions, providing tips for both Windows and Apple products, and handing out helpful hints to keep the bad guys out of your life and computer.

As always, if you want help or have questions don’t hesitate to call Rent A Bob at 843.822.7794 or email at

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