Oct 17 2009

Charleston County to consider becoming a designated wastewater provider

Provided by the Coastal Conservation League

Charleston County Council wants to hear from the public on Tuesday, October 20, whether or not the County should become a designated wastewater provider.

What does that mean?

If the County becomes a designated wastewater provider, they have the ability to review wastewater (sewer/septic) needs and requests in the unincorporated areas of Charleston County, and decide the best options.

Is this good or bad?

This designation is a good thing as long as any decisions made by Council conform to the County’s Comprehensive Plan and Zoning and Land Development Regulations-particularly, not allowing sewer beyond the Urban Growth Boundary, and providing maintenance for septic systems in rural areas.

Allowance of private wastewater treatment plants is a bad thing. These are sewer systems placed by the developer of an area that cannot be served by existing public utilities. The developer builds and operates the private plants until that particular Homeowners Association takes over. In the tri-county area (as well as across the country), a high number of private plants have not been properly maintained by the homeowners, resulting in a failed system with major leakage requiring takeover by public utilities and taxpayers. Taxpayers had to take over the cost to operate as well as clean up, and our local waterways have been burdened by the pollution. Additionally, these private plants facilitate increased development in areas beyond the Urban Growth Boundary.

What can you do?

Please attend the public hearing on Tuesday, October 20th at 6 pm at the Lonnie Hamilton III Public Services Building (4045 Bridge View Drive) and tell County Council that you want them designated to make wastewater decisions that protect the Urban Growth Boundary and our local water quality, and you don’t want to see any more private plants approved.

If you are unable to attend and you know your Councilmember, please phone him or her. Phone numbers are located here: http://www.charlestoncounty.org/departments/Council/contacts.htm

Thank you for your support!

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