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Aug 08 2018

Op-Ed: Sea Islands Hunger Awareness Foundation Lives Up To Its Name . . . And More

By Jim Bannister for the Island Connection The Sea Islands Hunger Awareness Foundation. Nice name, right? Even impressive and inspiring. But many organizations with impressive names too often seem to fall short of their titles. Not this one. This organization is more than aware; it is DOING something about it by daily feeding of the …

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Nov 18 2017

Letter To The Editor: Charleston Deserves National Cemetery

Dear Editor, We are blessed to have three National Cemeteries in South Carolina: Beaufort (est.1863), Florence (est. 1865) and Fort Jackson (Columbia area, est. 2008). It disappoints me that the Charleston area, with its strong military heritage and significant military presence today, does not host a final resting place dedicated to our departed military heroes …

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Dec 09 2015

Letter To The Editor: No Recycling Rucker?

Dear Editor, I had to express my horror at the non existing presence of recycling bins at the post Thanksgiving Darius Rucker Island Concert held on Kiawah Island. The mistake of leaving out recycling bins sent thousands of glass bottles, thousands of aluminium cans and thousands of plastic cups straight to dirty landfills. How can …

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Nov 05 2015

Letter To The Editor: Review Needed For KIU Water Line Project

Dear Editor, The developer-owned Kiawah Island Utility (KIU), which provides water and sewage service to Kiawah, is in the process of planning a backup water supply line to Kiawah, from Bryans Dairy Road near Briars Creek on Johns Island, under the Kiawah River, through established neighborhoods, and connecting to the mid-island pumping station near the …

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Jul 02 2015

Op-Ed: Remove Confederate Flag From Statehouse Grounds

By Senator Chip Campsen for The Island Connection Sunday evening, while participating in the Bridge to Peace event my sister witnessed an act that encapsulates Charleston’s reaction to the brutal Emanuel AME Church murders. While 15,000 held hands in unity across the Ravenel Bridge, a man stretched his hands toward heaven and declared at the …

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Apr 10 2015

OpEd: State Senator Representing Kiawah and Seabrook Islands Opposes Offshore Drilling

By State Senator Chip Campsen for Island Connection The Senate District I represent is a long coastal district covering more than 80 miles of South Carolina’s coast. It runs from Bulls Bay in Charleston County, to Port Royal Sound in Beaufort County. Having extensively navigated the Atlantic coast from Oregon Inlet, North Carolina to Dry …

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Jan 22 2015

Letter To The Editor: Zion

Dear Editor, Once again our hearts are overflowing with gratitude for the generosity that our special Seabrook and Kiawah Island friends have shown with your donations to the holiday fund for Mt. Zion Elementary School. Your giving spirit made it possible to provide toys, books, clothes and even food vouchers to help with holiday meals …

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Dec 25 2014

Letter To The Editor: Don’t Pave Our Paradise

Dear Editor, I do not understand how 387 people can decide the fate of an island that is not their own. Over 1,000 supporters on Facebook. Hundreds and hundreds of paper petitions and hundreds of online petition signatures. We have talked to so many people that are appalled at what Kiawah is doing. Rampant destruction …

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Oct 02 2014

Letter To The Editor: RoundUp Linked To Lymphoma

Dear Editor, The following is an excerpt from a letter published by the editor of The Seabrooker in January last, which I feel would be of interest to my Kiawah friends and neighbors, since we share a love for and interest in the natural beauty and wildlife of our islands, and need to do all …

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Sep 19 2014

Letter To The Editor: True Customer Service

Some stores advertise their commitment to customer service. George, Brendon and April—three employees at the Staples store in the South Windermere shopping center on James Island—embody it. Over the last 10 years as one of the volunteer coordinators at Mt. Zion Elementary School, I have had the privilege of using the generous donations from Kiawah, …

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