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Category: Seabrook Town Council

The unofficial minutes of Seabrook's monthly Town Council.

Feb 06 2013

Seabrook Town Council – January 22, 2013

Mayor Holtz called the meeting to order and approved the minutes from December 11. Financials The Mayor commented that that financials have not been finalized, because the Town is waiting for a check from Berkley Electric, which should come in sometime this month. Regardless, the Town “came out very well” against the budget. Year to …

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Dec 19 2012

Seabrook Town Council – December 11, 2012

Financials Mayor Holtz stated that the 440,000 loan from the water company is back in the Town’s general fund. The Council discussed what to do with the money, and Mayor Holtz suggested transferring it into the emergency reserved fund. “It is my objective to move our emergency funds up to $1 million from the present …

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Nov 19 2012

Seabrook Town Council – November 13, 2012

Financials Mayor Holtz called the meeting to order and began with the Town finances, stating that the Town had an exceptional month. Year-to-date revenues are $824,464.29 versus a budgeted $695,640.90. Year-to-date revenues over expenditures are $354,459.56. “The budget is healthy,” he said. Roads Councilman Reed commented on the status of I-526. Mayor Riley requested that …

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Nov 06 2012

Seabrook Town Council – October 24, 2012

Financials Mayor Holtz reported that year-to-date revenue is $719,795.84 versus a budgeted $667,870.14. Year-to-date expenditures are $437,567.36 versus a budgeted $458.594.45. “This compares favorably with last year,” Mayor Holtz stated. “We’re having a decent year financially.” Carol Tempel Visits Seabrook House District 115 Candidate Carol Tempel visited Town Council to sit in on the meeting …

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Oct 07 2012

Seabrook Town Council – September 25, 2012

Financials Mayor Holtz called the meeting to order and stated that Town financials are “in fine shape” compared to budget. Year-to-date total revenues are $697,897.92 with a budgeted $657,962.63. Year-to-date total expenditures are $327,565.66 from a budgeted $249,896.68. “Excess of revenue over expenditures is in very good shape,” Mayor Holtz stated. “We’re running about $77,000 …

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Sep 14 2012

Seabrook Town Council – August 28, 2012

Financials Mayor Holtz reported that financials for the Town are looking good as of the end of July. Revenues are $27,488.30 below budget for the year-to-date, but Holtz noted that this was due to several checks coming in late. Excess of revenues over expenditures for the year-to-date is $17,826.12 and overall the town is running …

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Aug 01 2012

Town of Seabrook Island Council Meeting Notes – July 24, 2012

Financials Councilmember Terry Ahearn opened the meeting by stating that Mayor Holtz was on vacation. He continued to Town financials, stating that the Town has an excess of revenues over expenditures by $82,178.89. “We’re running at a pretty good pace,” Ahearn stated. “We’re in good shape.” Permitting a Tent for Red’s Ice House Steve Carroll …

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Jul 30 2012

Government Officials Visit Seabrook

By Sam Reed Lieutenant Governor Glenn McConnell and State Representative Peter McCoy conducted a “Town Hall Meeting” at the Seabrook Island Town Hall before a full Council Chamber on July 19. Each of them told a bit about their backgrounds and philosophies of government, then fielded numerous questions from the 50 or so Seabrookers in …

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Jun 05 2012

Seabrook Island Town Council Notes – May 22, 2012

Financials Mayor Bill Holtz opened the meeting with the Town financials, noting that it was easier to look at the year to date totals as opposed to monthly figures. The year to date revenue total is $254,305.59 against a budget of $223,990.46. Expenses year to date are $191,805.13 against a budget of $201,331.65. “Overall, we’re …

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May 04 2012

Seabrook Town Council – April 24, 2012

Financials Mayor Holtz reported on the Town’s budget, noting that revenues are $33,809.85 below budget for the month, but $9,068.04 over for the year-to-date. Expenditures are $3,384.54 less than budgeted, with excess of revenues over expenditures coming in at $37,194.39 less than budgeted for the month, but $6,984.29 over for the year-to-date. “The year is …

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