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Category: Seabrook Town Council

The unofficial minutes of Seabrook's monthly Town Council.

Sep 05 2013

Defining Seabrook Island

By Hannah Dockery Seabrook Island – Make It Uniquely Yours Six simple words. Sixteen months of development. After much discussion, deliberation, and divulgence, the new branding initiative for Seabrook Island has been unveiled. “Seabrook Island – Make It Uniquely Yours” has become the official tagline of Seabrook, unifying together the Town, Property Owners Association, and …

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Aug 07 2013

Seabrook Town Council – July 23, 2013

Mayor Holtz called the meeting to order. Councilmember Cummin was absent. Financials Mayor Holtz informed Council that a $79,000 check recently came into the Town but had not yet been incorporated into the financials, creating a slight skew in the budget for the month. Holtz added that year to date financials are on target. “We’re …

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Jul 11 2013

Seabrook Town Council – June 26, 2013

Mayor Holtz called the meeting to order, and Council approved the minutes from May’s meeting. Financials Mayor Holtz commented that the Town was running ahead of budget, year to date, by $31,177.81. Year to date expenditures are $242,997.15, which is under budget, and year to date revenue over expenditure is $78,469.66 “The budget is healthy,” …

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Jun 14 2013

Seabrook Town Council – May 28, 2013

Mayor Holtz called the meeting to order and approved the minutes from last month’s meeting Financials Holtz commented that year to date revenues are in good shape and running ahead of budget. “We’re pretty similar to last year,” he said. Year to date expenditures are under budget by $75,000 and revenue over expenditures is $57,000. …

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May 30 2013

Disaster Awareness Day Helps Residents Prepare Against Hurricanes

By Betsey Poore In just a few minutes a beautiful sunny day can turn into a natural disaster. Hurricanes are the most recognizable threat to the Atlantic coast, but there is also the danger of other catastrophes like an earthquake or a fire. On Thursday, June 13 the Towns of Seabrook Island and Kiawah Island …

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May 16 2013

Mark Your Calendars!

The 2013 Disaster Awarness Day will be held on June 13 from 10 a.m. until 2:30 at the Rivercourse Clubhouse on Kiawah Island. Don’t miss this important opportunity to gain valuable emergency preparedness information. Enjoy vendor tables, special prizes, and a buffet lunch. The first 10 attendees will receive a free NOAA weather radio! The …

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Apr 18 2013

Silver Haired Legislature Elects Seabrook Councilman Chair of Local Caucus

Special to the Island Connection The South Carolina Silver Haired Legislature, which is a group of concerned and interested citizens of the state, elected it officers for the next two years. The group consists of some 186 representatives from throughout the state to identify issues, concerns, and possible solutions for problems facing our state’s aging …

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Apr 04 2013

Seabrook Town Council – March 26, 2013

Mayor Holtz called the meeting to order. Councilman Ciancio made a few minor changes to the minutes from last month’s meeting, and then all approved. Financials Mayor Holtz said that the Town financials continue to come somewhat unpredictably during the first few months of the year. Year-to-date, the Town is $16,562.67 ahead of budget for …

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Mar 05 2013

Seabrook Town Council – February 26, 2013

Mayor Holtz called the meeting to order and approved the minutes from January 22, 2013. Financials Mayor Holtz reported that business licenses and checks are continuing to come in, so it is hard to determine the budget the first few months of the new year. “I can’t complain,” he said. “The objective is to spend …

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Feb 26 2013

Top Honors

By Olivia French Congratulations to Charleston Collegiate School’s 2nd Quarter Honor Roll students! 4th Grade: Caelan Crow, Ryan Duffy, Kelsey Hay, Ella Kindt and Lazo Kirages 5th Grade: Candler Fontaine, Jack Jones, Andie Mancusi-Ungaro, Tyler Pottichen, Reed Reynolds and Skyler Warf 6th Grade: Elvin Chateauvert and Molly Corcoran 7th Grade: Jacob Bryson, Brinley Frank, Cameron Hay, Will …

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