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Category: Seabrook Town Council

The unofficial minutes of Seabrook's monthly Town Council.

Feb 04 2011

Seabrook Town Council – January 25, 2011

Financials Mayor Holtz was happy to note that the Town’s revenues are almost equal to last year-to-date and in fact, are $10,965.71 better than last year-to-date. Excess of revenues over expenditures are $442,171.51, which is $166,372.03 more than budgeted. “We came out with a nice excess that will be invested back into the town,” said …

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Jan 21 2011

Seabrook launches new streamlined website

Provided by Obviouslee Marketing The Town of Seabrook Island unveiled a new town website with the advent of the New Year. The new site,, was created by Obviouslee Marketing and provides a complete perspective on the Town of Seabrook Island for visitors and residents alike. The site includes information from the Town, the Seabrook …

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Jan 07 2011

Seabrook Town Council – December 14, 2010

Financials Mayor Bill Holtz reported that the Town is currently running $83,376.51 ahead of the year-to-date budget and is almost steady with the revenues from last year-to-date. Expenditures are running $43,294.26 more than budgeted, but excess of revenues over expenditures are approximately $3000 above last year, coming in at $290,761.36. “We’re having a decent year,” …

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Nov 29 2010

Seabrook Town Council – November 16, 2010

Financials Mayor Bill Holtz reported on the year-to-date financials, noting that revenues are above budget by $68,272.74, coming to $742,821.38, which is better than last year-to-date by a little more than $10,000. Expenses year-to-date are under budget by $69,024.04, coming in at $432,169.56. “Considering the economy, we’re doing well,” said Holtz, though he did point …

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Nov 12 2010

Seabrook Town Council – October 26, 2010

Financials Mayor Bill Holtz was happy to announce that the year-to-date budget is above budget by $61,823.49, and expenditures are under budget by $53,522.86. Total excess of revenues over expenditures are $263,926.33, which is a positive variance from the budget of $115,346.35. Business licenses are down from last year, said Holtz, but finances, generally speaking, …

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Oct 15 2010

Seabrook Town Council: September 28, 2010

Financials Mayor Holtz read through the financials, noting that “we’ve had a good month as some checks have come in that didn’t come in July.” Revenues are $21,248 above budget, and the year-to-date is less than $1,000 behind last year, coming in at $629,539.96. Expenditures are under budget by $65,900.62, and excess of revenues over …

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Sep 03 2010

Seabrook Town Council – August 24, 2010

Financials Mayor Bill Holtz reported that the revenues for July were $22,858.02 less than budgeted, but the year-to-date is still $16,568.91 more than was budgeted. Excess of revenues over expenditures is $71,154.95 more than was budgeted for the year-to-date, coming in at $233,040.94, but the Town is still running $77,055.17 behind last year-to-date figures. “$233,000 …

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Jul 09 2010

Seabrook Town Council – July 1, 2010

Mayor Bill Holtz reported that revenues are $25,326.93 less than budgeted, but since much of the incoming revenue is staggered, Holtz noted that they would wait and take another look at it at the end of the summer. In fact, he pointed out, the Town received $68,000 in June which is not reflected in these …

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Jun 23 2010

A convenient way to wellness

Tucked away in the little shop once used as a convenience store on Landfall Way just off of Seabrook Island Road is a new full-service wellness center; and by full-service, owner Mary White means “full” in every aspect of the word. From head to toe, body therapy to beneficial herbal extracts, breakfast to evening cooking …

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Jun 11 2010

Seabrook Town Council – May 25, 2010

Town Financials Mayor Bill Holtz opened the meeting by reading through the Town’s financials to date. “We didn’t have a good revenue month, but we’re ahead of budget and only $13,216.38behind last year, which isn’t a disaster,” he said, noting that if the town’s revenue continues to be low, they might have to make some …

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