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News reports on island Council meetings, as well as updates on Civic and Municipal decisions and events.

Mar 24 2016

Kiawah Property Owners Group Donates $46,500 To Kiawah Conservancy As Its Final Act

By Gregg Bragg, The Island Connection Staff Writer Camelot rarely saw weather as nice as Kiawah did on March 15, 2016, and the Kiawah Conservancy seldom gets the sort of surprise it received during its annual meeting on that same day. Representatives of the Kiawah Property Owners Group met the Kiawah Conservancy board at The …

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Mar 24 2016

Atlantic Saved From Offshore Oil Drilling

By Jennifer Tuohy, The Island Connection Editor On March 15, 2016 the Obama administration reversed its decision to end a 30 year ban on drilling for oil off the southeastern Atlantic coast. A draft proposal released by the Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management in January 2015 included a plan for a five-year lease starting …

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Mar 14 2016

Islands Pick Clinton In Democratic Primary

Staff Report for The Island Connection The island’s democrats turned out for nominee Hillary Clinton during the Feb. 27 2016 presidential primary. While Clinton took the state as whole by over 75 percent, Kiawah handed her an 83 percent victory. Over on Seabrook, contender Bernie Sanders had a slightly stronger showing, but Clinton still won …

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Mar 10 2016

Kiawah Town Council Meeting: March 2016

By Gregg Bragg, The Island Connection Staff Writer The gavel tapped for order at exactly 2 p.m. to start the March 1 meeting of Kiawah’s town council. There were two sets of meeting minutes. Ratification of the first was deferred while the second set was approved with changes opening the door to the first round …

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Mar 09 2016

Rucker, Gunnells Received $81,400 More In Excess Pay, Report Finds

By Gregg Bragg, The Island Connection Staff Writer The Town of Kiawah Island held a special meeting March 4, 2016 to present the findings of the second financial audit of the town’s finances, following allegations of financial improprieties against its former treasurer and administrator. The meeting began in short order with Mayor Lipuma setting the …

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Feb 26 2016

Seabrook Island Club, Seabrook Island Property Owners’ Association 2016 Annual Meetings

By Gregg Bragg, The Island Connection Staff Writer The annual meetings for both the Seabrook Island Club and the Seabrook Island Property Owners’ Association were scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. on a Saturday morning. The early start deterred no one from attending the Feb. 13 gathering. There was no place to park by 8:50 …

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Feb 25 2016

Kiawah Town Council Report, February 9, 2016

By Gregg Bragg, The Island Connection Staff Writer Kiawah town council’s Feb. 9, 2016 meeting began on time-ish. The room was full and the agenda was, too. It included four sets of minutes for approval, which usually doesn’t take too long. Two of the meeting minutes were approved seconds after parliamentary obligations were satisfied. The …

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Feb 24 2016

Trump Woos Kiawah

By Gregg Bragg, The Island Connection Staff Writer Luxurious accommodations at the Kiawah Island Golf Resort’s Turtle Point Club House were a stark contrast to the “political stumps” of lore. The announcement of a press event for presidential candidate Donald Trump surprised many, coming just two days before the Feb. 18 event. Short notice didn’t …

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Feb 12 2016

Seabrook Island Town Council, January 2016

By Gregg Bragg, The Island Connection Staff Writer The agenda for Seabrook’s Jan. 26, 2016 Town Council meeting was very busy looking. The font size used seemed smaller somehow, and margins thinner than for past meetings. The list of items for consideration or discussion fit on a single page, sure, but only just. Plenty of …

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Jan 13 2016

Town Of Kiawah January 2016 Council Meeting Report

By Gregg Bragg, The Island Connection Staff Writer The handout for the Kiawah town council’s January meeting was thin, spawning pre-meeting hopes of new records for brevity. Listed on the agenda were approvals of four sets of minutes, three items of seemingly routine new business and an executive session. Parliamentary obligations and approval of minutes …

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