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The unofficial minutes of Kiawah's monthly Town Council.

Aug 20 2010

Kiawah Town Council – August 3, 2010

Ordinance 2010-05: Dog leash law Before voting on the second reading of ordinance 2010-05, which allows owners to unleash their pets from November 1 – March 15 along most of the beach area (except critical habitat areas) during daylight hours as long as they’re under voice command, Mayor Wert read from two emails formally objecting …

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Aug 06 2010

Life on Little Bear

PROVIDED BY THE KIAWAH CONSERVANCY Described by a leading conservation easement attorney as “one of the most important conservation easement across the country,” Little Bear Island consists of 151 acres of undeveloped land and forms the most eastern tip of Kiawah Island. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Stono Inlet and is …

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Jun 11 2010

Kiawah Town Council – June 1, 2010

2010/2011 Budget passes second reading Mayor William Wert stated that there were no substantive changes made to the budget since last reading. The Council approved second reading unanimously. GFOA – CAFR Financial Award Mayor Wert was happy to announce that the Town, under the guidance of Treasurer Ken Gunnells, received the Certificate of Achievement for …

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May 18 2010

Kiawah Town Council – May 4, 2010

Before going into the business of Council, Mayor Wert asked for a moment of silence for Sid Williams and Earl Carrara, two Kiawah citizens who recently passed away. The mayor asked that everyone take the moment to offer their hopes and prayers to the families. First reading of the 2010/2011 budget In response to a …

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Apr 15 2010

Kiawah Town Council – April 6, 2010

Photos by Alan Kleinfeld ATAX funded events for 2011 The Ways and Means Committee recommended the following list of events to be funded through the Town’s Accomodations Tax fund. All of the events were approved by the ATAX Committee before being approved by Ways and Means: $125,184 for Charleston County Sheriff’s Deputies; $28, 816 for …

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Mar 18 2010

Kiawah Island Town Council – March 2, 2010

Second reading of ordinance 2010-02: Fence amendment The amendments to this ordinance clarify the definition of a “fence”, which includes hedges as well as a more specific definition of height, which includes any ornamentation in the height limit of five feet for a fence. There were no comments given during the ordinance’s public hearing before …

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Feb 19 2010

Kiawah Town Council – February 2, 2010

Second reading: ordinance 2010-1, annexation of the roundabout The annexation of the Freshfields roundabout was approved unanimously. Boy Scouts of America proclamation Mayor Wert read a proclamation, declaring February 8, 2010, at Boy Scouts Centennial Celebration Day. “I encourage all citizens to recognize with me the contributions of the Boy Scouts to this great nation,” …

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Jan 23 2010

Kiawah Town Council – January 5, 2009

Second reading of ordinance 2009-11: business license ordinance amendment Council unanimously voted to approve ordinance 2009-11, which amends the rate table for the various classifications of businesses as described in section 4-323 of the Town Code. Copies of the new rate table are available at Town Hall. Affirmation of the 2009 Ordinances As the Town …

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Dec 12 2009

Kiawah Town Council – December 1, 2009

In reading the attendance roll for the day’s meeting, Mayor Wert noted that Councilman Burnaford was still in California visiting family and that Town Administrator Tumiko Rucker is recovering from surgery and will return to work by mid-December. Arts Council recognizes Lenni Freeburg Councilman Charles Lipuma announced that Arts Council charter member Lenni Freeburg will …

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Nov 30 2009

Kiawah Town Council – November 3, 2009

Public hearing: second reading for ordinance 2209-10 A public hearing was held for the second reading of ordinance 2009-10: Health and Sanitation, at 1:30pm before the 2pm Council meeting. A few residents arrived to speak at the meeting, all of them thanking the Town and Councilman McHugh for working with them on the issue. “Speaking …

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