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Jul 27 2021

Beach Survey

By Town of Kiawah Island for The Island Connection

The Town’s beach consultant, Coastal Science & Engineering (CSE), collects data on the condition of Kiawah’s beach each year and produces a detailed report. The purpose of annual beach monitoring reports is to describe the current health of the beaches along Kiawah Island compared to past conditions. Survey data is collected along the entire island from Stono River Inlet to Captain Sams Inlet to document sand volume changes. Profile lines run from the landward side of the seaward-most dune out to at least 2,500 feet (ft) offshore. The Town received the 2020 Beach Monitoring Report report in April 2021. The report showed that Kiawah’s beach remains one of the healthiest beaches in the state. Provided below is a summary quote from the 2020 report. Kiawah Island has now suffered direct impacts from several storms over the past five years, including hurricanes Joaquin (2015), Matthew (2016), Irma (2017), Florence (2018), Michael (2018), and Dorian (2019). Despite the string of storm impacts, the island has generally been in a state of beach recovery since 2016. CSE tracks conditions by section of the island (‘reaches’) in terms of sand volumes in the dunes, along the visible beach, and in the underwater zone. As of November 2020, much of the island continued to show growth of the dry-sand beach and foredune. Along the entire shoreline from Captain Sams Inlet to Stono Inlet, the island gained ~255,700 cubic yards of sand from November 2019 to November 2020. A complete report can be viewed on the town’s website at 

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