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Apr 29 2016

Bad Guys Can’t See Through Your Phone!

By Bob Hooper for The Island Connection

So those dang people are back calling, emailing and popping up on your computer trying to convince you that something is wrong with your computer. Don’t believe them!

It’s a lie, no one can “see” that your laptop, box, tablet, wireless router, smart TV, toaster, whatever, has a virus or malware through your phone. It’s a hoax and all they want is your money. The email does not have special powers and it cannot “fix” your problems with “just one click”… it can cause you a whole lot of problems with that one “click” though.

When you get a call from someone, answer an ad from an email or a website and the first thing the person wants is to get into your device, then that’s the last thing you want to let them do. First off the “person” you are talking to may or may not be the person who is actually remoting (taking control of it remotely) into your device and whoever it is can show you pictures of what they are supposedly doing while doing something completely different.

Many computers in the US are infected with a botnet (some estimates says 18 a second worldwide become infected), some come from just this sort of scam. Even the best person you might get is still just a scam and after you pay that $39 or $59 fee (in some cases it’s $299), suddenly about 3-6 months later you device begins to lag and then just won’t work… you call because you have this promise that they will “fix” and then you find out that sort of problem is not covered and it will be an additional $199 or I’ve seen as much as $499.

If someone calls tell them you’ve contacted the FBI and all your calls are now monitored, that you son/daughter is a FBI agent or is an IT person, or better yet hang up. If they call back don’t answer or block the number, last resort do call the authorities. If you have been the victim of this, don’t feel bad, you are not alone. Call me or your IT guy/gal, get them to help you and call your credit card company and have them stop them payment—if it’s been too long to stop it, then make sure they cannot not bill you again. That is another trick; about 3 months later you will get an autopay for the same amount or maybe double… so watch the accounts.

If you need help with your computer or any IT problem call Rent A Bob at 843.822.7794 or email

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