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Mar 16 2016

Artist, Photographer Of The Month For March 2016

Staff Report for Island Connection

Artist of the Month: Tina Mayland

Tina Mayland

Tina Mayland

Tina Mayland is a native Charlestonian for whom the Lowcountry of South Carolina is as close to paradise as any place on earth. Returning home after 30 years of a high-tech career in marketing, she began her “encore career” as a fulltime artist. Tina explains her motivation to become a painter. “My grandparents owned a plantation on Wadmalaw Island, just outside of Charleston. As a child, I built tree forts in live oak trees, played in the pluff mud of the marshes, and galloped my horse through Lowcountry forests. Capturing the essence of that landscape in my art is a way of recapturing the joys of my youth.”

Tina serves on the Board of Directors of the Charleston Artist Guild and is a member of the Seabrook Island Artist Guild. She has studied oils and pastels domestically and in France, England, Italy and the Caribbean under numerous regionally and nationally known artists.

Her artwork is represented locally by the Wells Gallery at The Sanctuary on Kiawah Island and by Spencer Art Gallery. Tina is the exclusive teacher of oil painting lessons for Kiawah Island Golf Resort, and the author of “The Six Commandments of Painting: The Shalt-Nots That Will Save Your Artwork.”

To learn more about the Seabrook Island Artist Guild, events, workshops and membership visit the website at

Photographer of the Month: Valerie Doane

Valerie Doane

Valerie Doane

Last October we attended the annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. My husband had wanted to attend this event for years and for me, well how could I pass on such a thrilling photo opportunity? I couldn’t.

The Fiesta has more than 950,000 visitors a.k.a. “balunatics” and more than 550 registered balloon teams, including 105 special shape balloons. The Fiesta is the largest in the world of its kind and is “the most photographed event in the world” or so I’m told.

One of the most popular events is the “Mass Ascension” where balloons launch in two waves between 7-9am. It’s the most spectacular display of sound and color in aviation that I’ve ever seen. So much is happening on the inflation field and in the sky that it is hard to decide where to watch from and what to begin watching and/or photographing. Nothing is off limits to the crowds. We were able to walk right up to the balloonist to talk, interact and watch as they rolled out their balloons on the ground, as they set up their gondolas, as they blew cold air, using large fans, into the envelop to stabilize and finally as they ignited their burners to fire the flame into the envelop gently lifting the balloon, gondola and passengers into the sky.

The field is crowded with thousands of people and hundreds upon hundreds of balloons. Everywhere you turn you either hear or see “something” on the ground or in the sky. Whether it be the hissing of the burners, or the sound coming from the fan motors, or the cheering crowds, or the music, or the announcer. And visually, watching the balloon setup on the ground, or walking amongst the colorful giants as they literally rise up from the ground and finally viewing the hundreds of balloons in flight in the sky above.

It’s all a bit overwhelming to the senses and emotions. Crazy, fast-paced, lots of action, fascinating, thrilling, exhilarating, exciting. I can remember trying to take it all in and finally I just stood there in shear amazement of how spectacular and grand it all was.

My photographs are an attempt to capture all that I experienced during those two days on the event field. Please stop by the Lake House during the month of March to take a look and hopefully you’ll catch a tiny bit of my excitement.

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