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Jul 12 2012

A Greener Future in Sight

Special to the Island Connection

Pearlstine Distributors Inc. (PDI) and Amerisips Homes recently announced a new partnership to build high-performance and high-quality green built homes at The Village Place in St. Johns Woods, located on Johns Island. As the newest addition to The Villages, a neighborhood first developed by Pearlstine in 2002, The Village Place will feature Amerisips Homes designed and engineered with the highest levels of energy and building efficiency. Amerisips Homes provide Free Energy Living, delivering freedom from high energy costs with certified superior indoor air quality, plus a hassle-free design approach that provides new and resale homebuyers with a new generation of energy efficient homes.

Homes built by Amerisips in The Village Place in St. Johns Woods will be certified Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), custom-built homes with state-of-the-art Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) complete with custom interior design and architectural services. Every Amerisips Home is certified by the U.S. Green Building Council LEED for Homes program and by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Indoor airPLUS quality standards. Amerisips Homes are built to substantially reduce monthly energy costs and earn an estimated 50 percent solar equipment rebate through federal and state tax credits. And, the Amerisips Homes design and construction process is much faster than traditional ‘stick-built’ residential construction. Homebuyers can move into a new Free Energy Living home in as few as 45 days.

Edwin Pearlstine, CEO of Pearlstine Distributors Inc., explains that “Technology in homebuilding has advanced a long way, and Amerisips Homes have quality and performance you can stand behind. Amerisips Homes enables homeowners to keep money in their pocketbook from energy savings, earn money back by generating free energy and build their custom dream home all at the same time.”

Amerisips Homes’ President Tina Bostic and her husband, Managing Partner Steve Bostic, first met Pearlstine in 2011 and knew instantly that the team would make for a perfect marriage. “Mr. Pearlstine brings credibility and a commitment to excellence to each of his projects. We believe in the proven technology used in Amerisips Homes and our shared vision to provide The Village Place with high-performance homes that enhance the great lifestyle in the Villages community,” Steve Bostic stated.

It is that lifestyle that is perhaps the most exciting to Pearlstine, as he has taken painstaking efforts to ensure The Villages is one of the most livable neighborhoods in the Charleston area. During the housing recession, Pearlstine put new development work on hold, until recently when the market began to show real signs of recovery. During that economic slowdown, he ensured that no debt was taken out on the property. Unlike many neighborhood developments, the community pool, green spaces and other amenities were all installed first, reassuring homebuyers that they were investing in a quality, stable neighborhood that kept their long-term satisfaction in mind.

There is no doubt the Pearlstine family name is synonymous with more than just business success, and of the six generations of Pearlstine’s, each has helped to cement the family’s sense of responsibility, dedication and commitment to the Charleston community. Since retiring from PDI in the early 1990s, Mr. Pearlstine has shifted focus to other ventures but maintains his status as a market leader. He continues to stand by his deeply rooted obligation to provide strong customer service through smart and ethical business practices.

“Since 1862, my family’s company has held a commitment to customer service, which holds true to this day. If you have good products with good service, then the rest is easy, says Pearlstine. “Integrity with customers is paramount to a business’ success, and we hold a strong commitment to the product that we are offering. With The Village Place, we’re giving homebuyers a chance to get all the amenities they could want upfront and with a hassle-free approach to design and construction. Plus, they now have an opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of our new ‘free energy’ lifestyle available on Johns Island.”

As Mr. Pearlstine likes to say about his approach to business and The Village Place in St. Johns Woods, “Don’t set the standard low. Set the standard high.” That is exactly what he is doing.

To learn more about Pearlstine Real Estate Investment, The Villages and The Village Place please visit or call John Westendorff at 509-6694. For more information or to discuss how you can experience Free Energy Living, please visit or call 637-4311.

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