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Oct 31 2019

A Generous Spirit

From Bishop Gadsden for The Island Connection

At Bishop Gadsden Episcopal Retirement Community, giving is a part of the culture. The final line of the mission statement says, “We reach out with a generous spirit.” It is a blessing to have such giving residents, but, in addition, Bishop Gadsden is also fortunate to have team members who possess amazing giving hearts. Bishop Gadsden’s team members embody the mission of giving by participating in the Employee Giving Program.

Each year, team members choose whether to support the various giving opportunities offered by and for Bishop Gadsden. If team members choose to give, Bishop Gadsden asks them to select which fund they would like to support. Team members may decide to give to the Charitable Fund, the Employee Assistance Fund or the Strongheart Employee Education Scholarship. They can donate to one, two or all three giving opportunities.

By giving to any of these funds, team members become part of the Employee Giving Program and become a “Shining Star.” These team members wear a star pin on their name badge every day to display that they chose to support the mission of Bishop Gadsden. Team members are recognized for the number of consecutive years in which they have given.

In addition to giving to the Bishop Gadsden community, team members have multiple opportunities throughout the year to support outside organizations. This year, team members participated in a staff-specific “Generous Spirit Bingo.” Bishop Gadsden bingo events are unique because residents carefully select outside nonprofit organizations who applied for a Bishop Gadsden Charitable Mission Grant. The chosen organization is represented at all bingo events that season, and both team members and residents work together to support the selected nonprofit organizations in the Charleston community.

In addition to bingo, team members have the opportunity to give by helping with Meals on Wheels events, food drives and toy drives that benefit Sea Island Habitat for Humanity and Toys for Tots. Team members also enjoy healthy competition and participate in charitable chili cook-offs, baking contests, crock pot cook-offs and auctions.

 To continue the positive competition, team members may choose to participate in a Spirit Day where, with a donation, team members may wear jeans and their favorite teams’ colors on this specific day. Nothing brings out healthy competition like sitting next to your co-worker who is wearing your rival’s jersey.

Every fall, Shining Star team members enjoy a party thrown by the Office of Charitable Giving and Communications. This event recognizes the dedication our team members have both to the Bishop Gadsden community and the Charleston community as a whole. Each party has a different theme and includes food and prizes. Shining Stars include team members on each of Bishop Gadsden’s three shifts, so each year, the event times are staggered to ensure everyone can attend.

However, while team members appreciate a party and recognition, it is clear they support Bishop Gadsden’s mission, as well as outside organizations because they care. Team members care about the community they work in, the people they work with and the residents they support each day.

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