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Jun 23 2010

A convenient way to wellness

Tucked away in the little shop once used as a convenience store on Landfall Way just off of Seabrook Island Road is a new full-service wellness center; and by full-service, owner Mary White means “full” in every aspect of the word. From head to toe, body therapy to beneficial herbal extracts, breakfast to evening cooking and tasting classes, the new Seabrook Island Wellness Café & Spa is designed to provide for and optimize an all-over healthy lifestyle.

Along with 45 – 70 minute skin therapy sessions with a unique French skin care collection based on grape seed extracts as well as hot stone therapy and auyurvedic oil therapy, the upstairs section of Seabrook Island Wellness offers a peaceful setting and many alternatives for a day of relaxation. The downstairs section, formerly a small convenience store, is a café as well as an educational center, with featured chefs demonstrating healthy, delicious cooking on a weekly basis. Beneficial vitamins and herbal extracts will also be available, as well as snacks and healthy meals-to-go,

For more information on Seabrook Island Wellness Café & Spa’s hours of operation, as well as a weekly events calendar, visit or call 724-9334.

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