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May 10 2019

6th Annual Dolphin Slam

Staff Report for The Island Connection

First place winner in the Dolphin Slam was angler Keith Bryant, pictured here with
the rest of the crew of “Jobsite.” (Photo by Kaitlyn Harris).

The dolphin fish is one of the fastest fish in the sea, but it didn’t elude the crew of “Jobsite,” who brought in the winning fish at the 6th Annual Bohicket Dolphin Slam, held Saturday, April 28.

Dolphin are quick growing, cannibalistic and voracious according to SC DNR, and can reach 75lbs in just four years. Weighing in at 71.1 lbs, the trophy fish provided a tasty victory dinner for the wranglers that brought him in.

Second place in the tournament went to Taylor Adam aboard “Reel Brothers” whose catch weighed in at 56.7 lbs. Third place went to Jeff Shiro aboard “Knot @ Work” who brought in a 31.7 lb fish.

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