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Jun 04 2021

2021 Sea Island Hunger Awareness Foundation Fundraising

By Sea Island Hunger Awareness Foundation for The Island Connection

The Sea Island Hunger Awareness Foundation (SIHAF) would like to thank our Sea Island neighbors, update you on our challenges and triumphs, and ask you to please continue to support your Johns and Wadmalaw Island neighbors in need, via the foundation. We continue to be amazed at the generosity of our sea island neighbors, the loyalty, determination, and creativity of our SIHAF Partners and Programs, and our 100-plus volunteers who continue to serve 4,000-plus sea island neighbors in need of nutritious food and clean water. The events of the past year have preempted our in-person fundraisers, placing the responsibility in the hands of the foundation, to secure funding for its Programs’ and Partners’ growing needs, including a new Emergency Food Bank, immediately serving over 400 additional sea island neighbors. 

Ongoing health and economic stresses forced many to choose between meals and medications, while some could afford neither. And you… the individuals, families, local businesses, and organizations, stepped up and made it possible to provide nutritious food and clean water for over 4,000 disadvantaged residents of Johns and Wadmalaw Islands. The coordinated efforts of the Sea Islands Hunger Awareness Foundation, through its Partners and Programs, provide meals, groceries, fresh produce, assistance in preparation, clean water, and system maintenance to those in need. The need is great and growing. To provide just one meal per person, each week for a year, would cost $520,000. (4000 X $2.50/meal = $10,000 X 52 weeks = $520,000). 

Since 2016, over 200 new wells and filtration systems have been provided to families and individuals, at a cost of $6,500 each with a constant 50 more on a waiting list (200 X $6,500 = $1,300,000 + [50 X $6,500 = $325,000] = $1,625,000). Thank you for helping us meet the growing needs on Johns and Wadmalaw Islands. 

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