Oct 01 2009

The National Solar Tour comes to Charleston

National Solar Tour 2009

National Solar Tour 2009

The non-profit American Solar Energy Society (ASES) and the South Carolina Solar Council have announced that this year’s National Solar Tour will take place on Saturday, October 3, 2009. This annual event allows home owners, businesses and non-profits to showcase how they are using solar power to slash energy costs, improve property values and reap rich new government incentives, while also helping the environment. Last year, the National Solar Tour hosted 140,000 people in 49 states; Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico participated. This year, over 150,000 in all 50 states are anticipated to participate.

“With a perfect storm of national leadership that recognizes the importance of renewable energy, a menu of enticing new government incentives, rising energy costs and a groundswell of public support for clean energy alternatives, interest in the benefits of solar is off the charts,” said ASES National Solar Tour Manager Richard Burns.

While the tour traditionally showcases residential solar projects, the explosive growth of solar incentives for energy-intensive businesses and schools helped drive the decision to expand the scope of the tour to include solar solutions implemented in these sectors as well. The U.S. Department of Energy provides funding for the tour to help extend its reach to people in all 50 states.

This year, four solar powered structures will be on display in Charleston: 1316 Briiarfield Avenue, Charleston James Island; 738 Old Plantation Rd., Charleston, James Island; 611 North Shore Dr., Charleston, James Island and 3655 Rivers Ave., North Charleston. These houses and stores will be open between 1 and 5pm. You are welcome to visit and discuss the advantages, the costs and problems encountered with the hosts at each site.  Registration or advanced booking are not needed; just come, see and learn.

For more information about the solar tour or solar workshops you are invited to visit www.scsolarcouncil.or or contact Erika Myers at (803) 737-7951.

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