Jan 23 2015

Stay Warm, Stay Safe

By Captain Chad Kelly for The Island Connection

As we move through the colder months we look at different ways of staying warm but keeping our heating expenses low. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when using supplemental heat.

Fire Places

1. Make sure that combustibles are kept clear from the opening of the fire place

2. Always keep the screen in place

3. Do not store firewood against the house

4. Always have the chimney inspected and cleaned prior to the first use each season

5. Never use flammable liquids to start the fire

6. Never burn trash or debris in a fire place

7. Never leave a fire unsupervised

Electric Space Heaters

1. Always plug the heater directly into a permanent outlet, never use an extension cord or surge protector

2. Always keep three feet of clearance to combustibles

3. Always unplug the heater when not in use or unsupervised

4. When purchasing a heater select a heater with an automatic shut off when tipped

Kerosene Heaters

1. Never fuel the heater inside

2. Store fuel outside

3. Always use the proper fuel

4. Never overfill the heater

5. Always keep three feet of clearance to combustibles

6. Never leave the heater unsupervised

Remember all of these methods are supplemental heat and not intended to replace your regular heating system. If using a kerosene heater or fire place it is recommended that you have a carbon monoxide detector installed in your home.

Also, you need to ensure that you have working smoke detectors at any time. If you do not have working smoke detectors please contact St. John’s Fire and Rescue and we will install smoke detectors for you at no charge. If you have any questions on supplemental heat feel free to contact St. John’s Fire District Fire Prevention Division.

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