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Mar 06 2018

SEADOGS Annual Beach Walk

By Mitch Pulwer for The Island Connection

SEADOGS, the Seabrook Island dog and beach advocacy group, announced today that the annual Beach Walk will take place at 5 p.m. on April 19 at North Beach. The Beach Walk is a tradition that has helped the Seabrook Island community combine fun for dogs (and their humans) with charitable giving to worthy Charleston animal causes.

 For the dogs, Beach Walk is a great time to run and play on the beach with other friendly dogs in the community. For the humans, there is the satisfaction of being able to take advantage of a wonderful feature of Seabrook Island.

Past President Jerry Cummin has participated in numerous Beach Walks and stated: “Many dogs enjoy their spot on the Beach. The Beach Walk is a community celebration of the joy the dogs and their owners have while playing on the Seabrook Island beach. It is an added bonus that the event raises funds for other dogs in Charleston to survive and thrive.”

This year, SEADOGS has designated Charleston Animal Society ( to be the 501(c) (3) charity for giving. Charleston Animal Society is a No Kill shelter that has provided a wonderful place for dogs and cats to be loved and then adopted within the Charleston area. Representatives from Charleston Animal Society will be present at the event and will bring a few dogs that are ready for adoption. As in previous years, there will be a President’s challenge for giving. President Mitch Pulwer said, “At the recent SEADOGS general meeting, we heard about the great work Charleston Animal Society is doing in the community, and just as importantly, in areas devastated by natural disasters. It is in the spirit of helping that Jerry and I will match all donations of $100 or more, up to a grand total of $2000. Last year, we raised over $6,785 at this event for Hallie Hill. Let’s beat that number this year!”

All residents of Seabrook Island are invited to join the SEADOGS Beach Walk on April 19 at 5 p.m. on North Beach. Access to North Beach is through walkway 1 or 2. Please see the poster, which will be available in early April for more details. Your dog will have fun and so will you. Although not a requirement for attendance, please consider being generous to local dogs (and cats) at Charleston Animal Society by bringing a donation to the event. Checks can be made directly to Charleston Animal Society.

The rain date for the Beach Walk is April 20 at 5 p.m.

For more information on the event or about the SEADOGS, contact either Mitch Pulwer at or Jerry Cummin at .

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