Nov 30 2017

Seabrook Island Kids Group Growing

By Penny Lee for The Island Connection

Who knew there were 55 children living full-time on Seabrook Island? That’s what we all said to each other on Sunday, Nov. 12, at the first meeting of the Seabrook Island Kids Group. Nearly half of our 55 resident kids played at the Lake House for close to two hours, represented by 14 parents. It was a fantastic turn-out and everyone had fun. The children’s ages ranged from less than a year to 17 years; 63 percent were 12 and under. While most of our kids have relocated to the island from other places, a few were born here. Some of our kids are home-schooled but most hit the road early in the morning to travel to schools as close as Mt. Zion and Charleston Collegiate and as far as Academic Magnet. What they all have in common is a strong desire to meet and play with other kids on the island, and be fully integrated into life on Seabrook. After a round of introductions, the kids discovered the wide range of existing resources at the Lake House: pool and ping pong tables, the playground, and board games, while the grown-ups talked about other kinds of activities that might be fun for kids to do on Seabrook. Ideas ranged from talent shows to movie nights to crabbing, fishing, and birding lessons. To get the ball rolling, one of the dads, Brennon Jones ( organized a regular Sunday afternoon playgroup at the Lake House playground. In response to our meeting notice on Nextdoor, the Turtle Patrol invited kids to join their turtle protection efforts starting next May. If there are other kid-friendly groups or clubs, please consider inviting your younger neighbors to join you. For more information about the Seabrook Island Kids Group email

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