Mar 01 2019

Seabrook Island Garden Club: March 2019

By Alberta Barron for The Island Connection

On Friday, Mar. 8 the Seabrook Island Garden Club meeting will be moving to the newly renovated Oyster Catcher Community Center. Members not residing on the island will receive a Special Event Pass that will allow them to park at the Oyster Catcher parking lot.

This month the SIGC welcomes special speaker Deborah Duerr and her topic “Lessons Learned From 20 Years as an Estate Gardener”. A Certified Master Gardener, Deborah will share her wealth of knowledge in design, redesign, maintenance and management, including tree care and irrigation systems. She studied at the School of Visual Art in NYC and received her Certified Master Gardener certificate from Rutgers and Penn State.

Deborah’s professional duties often encompassed garden care, party planning, design of containers and baskets, as well as seasonal decorations and indoor arrangements. Deborah’s in-depth knowledge in the world of landscape and gardening will surely make for a very interesting and exciting topic for learning, discussion and personal application.

Special note on our new location which is the result of a long-range planning strategy for the Seabrook Island Lake House with the goal to optimize use including the expanding fitness options and accommodate the meeting space required by Seabrook Island community groups.

The remodel and the addition of HDMI connections and Apple TV will make the Oyster Catcher Community Center a great location for this (March 8) and all our future meetings.

For information on Seabrook Island Garden Club membership please contact Holli Bolte at

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