Mar 22 2018

Seabrook Island Artist Guild Workshop Features Sergio Roffo

By Sharon Peck for The Island Connection

Sergio Roffo, an elected Fellow member of both the American Society of Marine Artists and the Guild of Boston Artists, holds the honor of being one of the youngest artists to be designated a Copley Master by the Copley Society of Boston. Roffo will hold a two-day workshop on April 2-3.

Roffo has been inspired by the work of American traditional painters and his representations of coastal landscapes reveal a luminous, masterful feeling. His art discovers a precise sense of value and atmospheric perspective that conveys a relaxed sense of calmness; a characteristic that defines and informs all of his works.

The youngest of six children, Roffo was born in San Donato, Italy. His family immigrated to Boston where sometime after high school he attended Vesper George School of Art, majoring in fine arts and illustration. After graduation Roffo freelanced as an illustrator but the demands of illustration and burning the midnight oil took its toll. Eventually he turned to fine art, studying under the Boston School painters Robert Douglas Hunter and Robert Cormier.

Roffo continually strives to capture the elusive essence that is nature. He describes his mission as “trying to convey to the viewer the spirituality and sacredness of my work, indicating the harmony of nature through color and light”.

Roffo offers that, “As artists, our creative goals will never be accomplished. We will always be students of nature, because nature does it so beautifully. We live each day passionately, others only dream of!”

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