Jun 11 2018

Saving Lives Through Sales

By Gregg Bragg, Senior Staff Writer For The Island Connection

Volunteers care for 41 kittens that arrived at CAS on May 23.

The Charleston Animal Society has been saving homeless Lowcountry animals since 1874. The old dog’s newest trick is opening the Second Chance Resale Store and Adoption Center. CAS took possession of the old Block Buster facility located at 5101 Ashley Phosphate Rd., on June 1. They are looking for volunteers to staff the 6,300 foot facility, and donations to fill it.

Garrett, a CAS volunteer, holds an adorable, and adoptable puppy.

            They are already accepting furniture, housewares, art, small appliances, home décor, sporting goods, tools, handbags, and electronics (no large appliances, please). CAS will accept items dropped at the store, but will also be running regular routes, detailed on their website allowing donors to schedule pick-up of their tax deductible donations.

In 2017 Charleston Animal Society:
Performed 11,137 spay/neuters
Sheltered 9,439 animals
Reunited 1,359 pets with their humans
Facilitated 4,141 adoptions

            Givin used household items new life will benefit man’s best friend and kittens, because everyone deserves a second chance. However, CAS needs income to make miracles.

            “We are starting this venture to help raise funds for the nearly 20,000 animals we care for each year. We keep most of them out of [our refuge] in a similar way that shelters try to assist [people] back on their feet before entering a homeless accommodation as a last resort. Thus, of the nearly 20,000 animals we care for, we shelter nearly 9,500. We will use the funds raised from the resale store to provide direct medical care to the thousands of injured and ill animals that we treat each year,” said Joe Elmore, executive officer of CAS.

In 2017 Charleston Animal Society: Fostered 2,523 animals
Conducted 20k education lessons for children
Investigated 63 cases of cruelty
Saved 1,709 free roaming cats
Vaccinated 26,611 animals

            “No! We are a no-kill community,” corrected Kay Hyman, CAS director of communications. “The reason we define it as a community rather than a shelter is because every shelter at some point has to make that choice to euthanize an animal.”

            Social media plays a big part of efforts to find homes for wayward pets.

            Late in the afternoon of May 23, Hyman was informed 41 kittens, ranging in age from 4 days to 4 weeks, had arrived at CAS’s 2455 Remount Rd. shelter. She posted to Facebook the same day and went live the next morning. “This was a ‘red alert’ for us,” said Hyman, “but between social media and local news agencies, we found homes for all those kittens in 24 hours. That is another reason we are a no kill community, because Lowcountry residents care so much about animals.”

  Kathy Bay will be managing the Second Chance Resale Store and Adoption Center. The New Jersey native spent her entire career in retail, and came to Charleston after a detour through Tucson, AZ.

             Fresh paint leveraging the themes and colors of other CAS locations, branded logos, and lots of custom graphics adorn the walls. “It looks more like an upscale consignment shop than a thrift store. We will also have kittens available for adoption at the new location. Our landlord wouldn’t allow puppies/dogs, and this is a particularly busy time for kittens in the Lowcountry,” concluded Hyman.

            More information is available by visiting ShopCharlestonAnimalSociety.org

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