Apr 26 2018

Sanford Applauds Decision On Captain Sams Spit

Staff Report for The Island Connection

On April 19, Representative Mark Sanford released the following statement in response to the South Carolina Supreme Court’s ruling to deny the construction of a seawall on Captain Sams Spit:

“I applaud their decision. In balancing private property rights with public cost and access, and I believe this makes sense. I have fought for the environment and land conservation in all the years I have been in office because of how important it is to retaining South Carolina’s competitive advantage in the way that we look and feel as a state. Indeed, a good part of what makes life so special in the Lowcountry is its open space and access to public space. As we continue to grow as a region, I think it’s important that we not develop every inch in instances like these. In that vein, yesterday’s ruling – like the one in 2014 – serves to highlight the importance of protecting the public’s access and use of the accreted shoreline at Captain Sams Spit because as surely as Mother Nature can accrete shoreline, she can take it away, and taxpayers shouldn’t be left to hold the tab as tides and shorelines ebb and flow on this front.”

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