Oct 29 2018

Letter To The Editor: Register Of Deeds

To The Editor,

On Nov. 6, we will elect a new Register of Deeds (ROD) for Charleston County. The former and current ROD have been the keepers of these documents for the past 24 years. Mr. Lybrand stepped down last year and Mrs. Bozman is retiring in December.

What is The Register of Deeds (ROD) and why is this important? This office is the repository for all property related records. All deeds, mortgages, plats, and all various other property related documents are recorded and filed with this office. 

This is a very important position. Proper record keeping and filing of these documents is essential to protect property ownership. Only one of the two candidates, has years of experience in working with, and using, the ROD Office. TOM HARTNETT is a Realtor and Appraiser and has been a regular user of the ROD Office for over a decade. He will be able to continue running the office efficiently and make necessary improvements where needed. 

Experience does matter for proper record keeping! Tom Hartnett is the most qualified candidate. Please join me and other property owners and realtors, and VOTE for TOM HARTNETT as the next REGISTER of DEEDS for Charleston County.

M. Sullivan

Johns Island

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