Oct 04 2018

Letter To The Editor: Misplaced Priorities

My congratulations to the town for keeping us informed and looking out for our interests as the hurricane approached. I can’t say the same for my experience with the POA. With the storm threat looming I contacted my insurer to see if my $19,000 motorcycle would be covered for its loss in off island storage. Since it would be better protected if it was on my own property I contacted our Executive Director and POA President and asked for a one time variance of the no motorcycles on Seabrook rule. Sorry I was told, can’t do it. Really, why not? When I was asked to participate in a 4th of July parade it was OK, as it is every day when we see security staff drive their motorcycles through the gate to their parking area.

The kindest words my neighbors could muster when told this story were “you’re kidding,” or “ridiculous ” or “asinine.” I think this reflects how Seabrookers think our POA should be looking out for us with neighbors helping neighbors.

 We would be better served by leaders who can be more flexible in extraordinary circumstances and not constrained by slavish devotion to inconsequential rules.

Harry Polychron

 Seabrook Island

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