Jan 05 2018

Charleston County Park And Recreation Commission Recognized For Employee Wellbeing

By Sarah Reynolds for The Island Connection

The Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission was recently recognized by Working Well for meeting best practice standards in supporting wellbeing at the workplace. CCPRC received the recognition through their efforts to provide employees and their families with access to counseling, resources and programs that support a positive work-life balance and education and awareness campaigns to promote optimal emotional and mental wellbeing. The honor was presented by Working Well. Many of these opportunities are offered through CCPRC’s Move IT! Charleston County program. “We are thrilled to receive this award on behalf of the agency and the Move IT! Team,” said Allison Foster, CCPRC’s Move IT! Charleston County programming manager. “Health and wellness is true to all we do at the agency to promote healthy lifestyles for our employees whether walking the trails in the park or participating in any of our ongoing programs during the year.” Move IT! Charleston County aims to be a model for community health and wellness by using a continuum of care approach.

Participants are encouraged to take control of their own health through a range of fitness and wellness programs. Working Well is an effort to improve the population’s health across the state of South Carolina by establishing cultures of employee wellbeing. It is funded through the support of The Duke Endowment and is managed by the South Carolina Hospital Association. Working Well helps employers develop a strategic plan to impact employee health by focusing on policy, systems and environmental changes, which are often low or no cost. “Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission is leading the way with a work culture that supports its employees in achieving optimal emotional and mental health,” comments Jen Wright, Working Well Program Director. “Stress can lead to long term health problems and lengthy absences from the workplace. CCPRC has taken a proactive step in addressing these issues by creating a supportive work environment and ensuring employees have the resources to maintain and achieve optimal emotional and mental wellbeing.” For information on how to improve your worksite’s environment to better support employee wellbeing, contact Sara Grace Bailey, Working Well Corporate Wellness Specialist, at 803.744.3558 or sbailey@scha.org.

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