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Apr 29 2015

Interpreting The Forest In North Carolina

By Carol Antman for The Island Connection “Take a guess. What’s that thing for?” Joel asked pointing to a telephone-pole sized, wooden post shaped like a giant 7 stuck along the gravel road in the Nantahala National Forest. “A nesting place? Maybe a roosting spot?” I guessed. “No, the park service built if for flying …

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Mar 31 2015

Dewees Island Is A Beach Vacation Without The Crowds

By Carol Antman for The Island Connection Photos by Joe Marie Brown If your vacation calls for a detox from the debilitating effects of modern life, if you’re craving a big dose of nature, you’ll be happy to hear that your remedy is only a 20 minute boat ride from the Isle of Palms. Step …

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Mar 03 2015

Misadventures In Paradise

By Carol Antman for Island Connection This was not the greeting I expected as my husband and I checked in at the Charleston airport for a long awaited trip to St. Lucia. “I’m not going to be able to issue your boarding passes because your passports expire in less than 90 days.” “But we’re only …

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Feb 03 2015

Boogie (Half-way) Down

By Carol Antman for The Island Connection What happened to my generation? We joyfully danced in the mud at Woodstock and in the street with Martha and the Vandellas. I hope we’re not getting stodgy and leaving all the fun for the younger music lovers. There are plenty of chances within a half day’s drive …

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Dec 10 2014

Tom Yawkey’s Gift To Us

By Carol Antman for The Island Connection What does a sixteen year old do when he inherits $330 million dollars? Slide into a life of luxury? Ruin it through self-indulgence? Not Tom Yawkey. In 1919 he suddenly became heir to a fortune in mining, timber, tin and oil and the owner of South Island Plantation …

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Oct 03 2014

High Tea At Hopsewee

By Carol Antman for The Island Connection My book club, The Venuses of Willendorf, has been together for 20 years. We’ve read hundreds of books, classics to best sellers. So no judgments please when I tell you that our recent book, Keeper of the House, is about a famous Georgetown brothel The Sunset Lodge. Open …

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Sep 04 2014

Hanging Out With Henry Flagler

  By Carol Antman for The Island Connection On one of the ubiquitous ghost tours in this historic city, my fellow journalists are imagining that their photos reveal evidence of dead dogs lurking by woodstoves, phantasmal children wandering in the dark park. I see Henry Flagler. It’s not hard to imagine he’s still here in …

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Jul 09 2014

Playing All Day

  By Carol Antman for The Island Connection To have the freedom we had as children: to explore, to try new things, to dabble, to be alright with not being good at it, to immerse ourselves and relinquish all responsibilities for a while… sound good? Since 1925, John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC …

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May 08 2014

Follow The Arts Mavens To Spoleto

  By Carol Antman for The Island Connection Transcendent moments: a hushed audience before the curtain goes up, time-traveling on music from centuries ago, immersing yourself in a character until you forget he’s an actor; art that brings tears, memories, laughter or insight. Beyond entertainment, we’re all hoping our Spoleto tickets bring enlightenment and joy. …

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Mar 06 2014

Getting Big Laughs In Myrtle Beach

By Carol Antman for Island Connection My parents raised me by example to not mind making a fool of myself, which was a big asset on a recent trip to Myrtle Beach. It was the off-season and the town’s garishness and crowds were dialed down. My girlfriend and I were not entirely disappointed to not …

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