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Aug 10 2016

Book Club Takes Literary Trip To St. Simons Island

By Carol Antman for The Island Connection In 1961, popular religious book author Eugenia Price and her companion Joyce Blackburn were exhausted from a Southern promotional tour. Looking for a convenient place to rest, they glanced at a map and changed their lives by heading to St. Simons Island. From their ocean-side room at the …

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Jul 02 2016

Into The Land Of Pasaquan

By Carol Antman for The Island Connection Eddie Owens Martin was deathly sick. His days being a young hustler in 1930’s New York were catching up with him. “I was just coughin’ and heavin’…like I was cleansin’ myself of my past. And durin’ the worst night of all, when I thought I had died, my …

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Apr 14 2016

Searching For The Food Of The Gods

By Carol Antman for The Island Connection Our driver came back to the van to tell us that he’d been given “Costa Rican directions.” In other words we were still lost. We’d driven four hours from San Jose towards the Caribbean coast. The twelve of us were weary and looking forward to a pit stop …

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Feb 26 2016

The Things He Did For Love

By Carol Antman for Island Connection When unrequited love turns into craziness spurned lovers might binge on reality TV and Ben and Jerry’s, turn into stalkers or post revealing photos on the Internet. Bonfires of discarded clothes and curse words scratched into cars can result. As passion turns to obsession, pets have even been poisoned. …

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Feb 01 2016

Swimming With Manatees

By Carol Antman for The Island Connection Photos by River Ventures For a wildlife adventure that you’ll remember forever, head to western Florida. Swimming with the manatees is one of the Southeast’s greatest outdoor experiences. During the winter, over 400 of these docile creatures migrate to the headwaters of Crystal River where they enjoy the …

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Dec 09 2015

Roaming The Rooms At Snowbird Mountain Lodge

By Carol Antman for The Island Connection My cozy room came with earplugs. Floors creaked beneath me. Footsteps pattered above. I didn’t mind. I had lots more rooms. Steps away was the massive living room/lobby lined with books, games and a blazing fireplace. Sunny porches adorned with fancifully painted totems were outside; hammock swayed on …

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Nov 04 2015

Jacksonville Beach: What Has Endured

By Carol Antman for The Island Connection Elizabeth Stark came to what she called the “perfect paradise” of Mayport, Florida in 1914. There were too many gray-haired people in the rest of the state to suit her she quipped. Ambitious and savvy, she and her husband bought all the land they could: hundreds of coastal …

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Aug 03 2015

The Riches Of Cherokee, North Carolina

By Carol Antman for The Island Connection In 1813, the brave Cherokee leader Junaluska became a hero. He regretted it forever. Over a hundred Native Americans were recruited by him to join Andrew Jackson’s fight against the Creek Indians. Junaluska swam across the Tallapoosa River, took the Creek’s canoes and helped win the battle. Then …

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Jul 03 2015

Get Your Big City Buzz In Charlotte

By Carol Antman for The Island Connection In 1941, sick and confined to bed, unable to stand at an easel and paint, it seemed Henri Matisse’s artistic life was over. Critics had labeled him the “wild beast” for his startlingly bold colors. Now he was a broken man But Matisse was not bowed. He began …

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May 20 2015

Unforgettable Festival Moments

By Carol Antman for The Island Connection If all the Spoleto and Piccolo Spoleto Festivals did was provide us with entertaining ephemeral moments it would be enough. Moments of joy, harmony, insight or beauty: enough. Strengthen our economy with tourist dollars: enough. Fill our streets with more colorful and artistic visitors hauling musical instruments, painting …

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