Category: Kiawah Town Council

The unofficial minutes of Kiawah's monthly Town Council.

Oct 15 2009

Kiawah Town Council – October 6, 2009

Before the official meeting of the Town Council, a public hearing was held for Ordinance 2009-09: Amendments to the 2009/2010 Budget. As there were no comments, the public hearing was closed. Proclamation of National American Indian Heritage Month Mayor Wert announced that, at the behest of the Daughters of the American Revolution and their representative …

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Sep 17 2009

Kiawah Town Council – September 1, 2009

Second reading: Ordinance 2009-06: Control of Pets The second reading of the ordinance was seconded with only one comment which came from Councilman Orban, who pointed out that the words “and under voice command” should be included under the “dogs off leash” area on the diagram which maps out the on leash/off leash areas of …

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Aug 21 2009

Kiawah Town Council – August 4, 2009

The meeting of the Kiawah Town Council was preceded by two public hearings. The first meeting was held at 1pm for Ordinance 2009-06: relating to the control of pets. The second meeting was held at 1:30pm for Ordinance 2009-07: amendments to Health and Sanitation. There was no comment for the Control for Pets ordinance at …

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Jul 23 2009

Kiawah Town Council – July 7, 2009

“Well, we don’t have any old business, but we have a lot of new business,” said Mayor Wert as he opened the Kiawah Town Council meeting for July 7. Heads up on bulkheads “What we’ve found is that we don’t have a policy that requires homeowners to submit applications [for bulkheads and revetments] to the …

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