Apr 03 2014

April Has Another “Due Date”

By Bob Hooper for The Island Connection

April 8 could be a much more important date than that tax date of April 15 if you have Windows XP as your Operating System. That’s the date that Microsoft stops supporting the software and hackers/spammers and all other bad guys/gals are waiting for. XP will no longer receive Windows updates, Microsoft Security Essentials updates.

So what does that really mean? Your computer will still work, you can still get on the internet, compose documents in Word, do Excel spreadsheets, etc. What can happen is that every time you go on the internet you will be exposing your computer and the contents of it to being “hacked.” If you have a large company Microsoft or some other third party company may offer extended service, but at a yearly rate. Those of us who do not have a large company may find ourselves left to the wolves. Most likely the same company offering updates to large companies may offer it to individuals but it is not going to be free!

Your best bet is to consider upgrading to a Windows 7 computer or Windows 8. I would suggest (very strongly) that you consider Windows 7 as it is not a great jump from XP. Windows 8 in its latest edition is much different from XP and would need some serious adjustment. Windows 8 laptops/desktops are about all you can find locally and if needing something now, may be the only option. If you find yourself with 8 and need help I do training and can make it look and function like 7.

Windows 7 can be bought online from both Dell and HP right now for between $350 to around $700 (and up) for desktops and starting at about $400 for laptops. They generally have great computing power and should be good for years to come. Windows will still support 7 for many years. Again it’s something that using a pro to transfer your data, pictures, songs, etc. from the old to the new will make the whole process much smoother.

If you wait until after the April 8 date, your computer will still work, it just will be more venerable to malware attacks including viruses, Trojans, bootkits, bots and many other “wonderful” things. Please remember not to “click” on anything that just pops up and says “YOU WON,” because all you are going to win is a headache.

As always if you have questions or need help you can call Rent A Bob at 843.822.7794 or email at rentabob@live.com.

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