Oct 01 2009

An afternoon of ocean Polo

The Kiawah vs Hyde Park Polo Match

The Kiawah vs Hyde Park Polo Match

By‭ ‬Paul Robinson

Spectators and enthusiasts gathered for the‭ ‬1st Annual Beach Polo Exhibition benefitting the Kiawah Conservancy on Sunday September‭ ‬20,‭ ‬2009.‭ ‬The‭ ‬325‭ ‬supporters‭ ‬in attendance enjoyed an afternoon of‭ ‬horses,‭ ‬sand,‭ ‬cocktails,‭ ‬and dancing‭;‬ raising‭ ‬$3,750‭ ‬for the Kiawah Conservancy.

Buck Limehouse,‭ ‬father of the Kiawah team‭’‬s three players Chip,‭ ‬Brad and Brien,‭ ‬announced the match like it was second nature.‭ ‬Kiawah’s beaches were filled with the captivating athleticism of mallet swings,‭ ‬the defensive maneuvers of bumping and hooking and a definite sense of‭ ‬professional sportsmanship.

The match was‭ ‬followed‭ ‬by a‭ ‬celebration at The Beach‭ ‬Club and with the help of The East Coast Party Band,‭ ‬supporters of the Conservancy mingled,‭ ‬danced and reminisced on the not forgotten tradition of‭ ‬horses on the beaches of Kiawah Island.‭

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